Dinner Appointment

Please select the date you would like to book your dinner with Chef Dan. Looking forward to serving you and your group! Note about the time range: the time range is for the entire meal, and the meal will be served at the start of the selected range (i.e. if you choose 7:30-9:30, your meal will be served at 7:30) Please note: BE SURE TO CLICK “Request Time” to add the appointment to your “cart.” If you do not, we cannot guarantee a time!

**Keep in Mind, this is only a request to book and not a confirmed reservation. Please complete all steps all the way through to submit your request at the end. It WILL NOT prompt you to make a payment, it will simply forward your request directly to the Chef. Once the Chef confirms his availability an invoice will be sent. You will have 72 hours from the time the invoice is sent to complete your payment. If the payment is not made, the requested date will open back up for other guest to book.**

Choose a date above to see available times.

Be sure to click “Request Time” before moving on to the next step! If you do not, we may or may not be able to guarantee Chef Dan’s availability for the time you were hoping for. Very important that you complete this step!