Homemade Mennonite Meals


Experience an authentic local Virginia opportunity featuring a locally prepared meal on an authentic Mennonite farm. All food is handmade and grown on the farm. At your meal on the local farm, you will be seated and served family style with the menu sections of your choice and served by the women that handmade all of the delicious menu selections. This is a rare opportunity to experience a normally private lifestyle and try their delicious and authentic handmade cuisine.

*Please note, under a traditional Mennonite lifestyle, alcohol is not allowed.

*Pricing reflected below is per person.

*This is not a catered meal that will be served at your vacation rental!

*She does require there to be a minimum of 10 guest. If your group is smaller than 10, she may still be able to accommodate you as long as you are willing to may for a minimum of 10 meals and then she will pack up the extra meals for you to go. 


Cancellation Policy: If for any reason, you need to cancel your service 7 days in advance or more from your service date, you will receive a refund, minus a $50 cancellation fee. If you cancel with less than 7 days of your scheduled service date, no refund will be given

What are Mennonites? Old order Mennonites is a sector of the Mennonite religion who practice a lifestyle without some elements of modern  technology, who dress plain and who have retained the old forms of worship, baptism and communion. A large majority of Mennonites drive horse and buggy’s and do not accept any modern technology including televisions, cell phones, computers, etc.

The Mennonite Meal  is located on the out skirts of Harrisonburg. You and your group would have to drive to the Mennonite Farm for your meal. The exact location will be provided upon booking. Driving estimates are listed below. 

  • Massanutten Resort- 40 min drive.
  • River Houses in Elkton- 50 min drive. 
  • River Houses in Shenandoah- 55 min drive
  • River House in Maurertown- 1 hr and 10 mins
  • Hinton/Rawley Springs- 20 min drive